Author: ronggur

Have you tried the new google search intrerface? here i put the screenshot This interface isn’t officially launch, so you need do simple trick to view it. Visit On your url address field type in this code [sourcecode language=”html”] javascript:void(document.cookie="PREF=ID=20b6e4c2f44943bb:U=4bf292d46faad806:TM=1249677602:LM=1257919388:S=odm0Ys-53ZueXfZG;path=/;"); [/sourcecode] Refresh your browser I get this trick from gizmodo

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In this post i want to try give some simple script to get your marker location in google maps. Next we will ceate one marker and when you drag and drop it, you’ll get the position of the marker ( latitude and langitude ). You can use this kind of script if you want to add google maps feature in to your websites and want to point position and save it in to your database

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